As we take a dip in the pool life becomes cool. If you are a frequent swimmer taking a dip in the pool is perhaps the thought coming to your mind as you feel the heat burning your skin and the dirt and the grit of the day catching up on you. A swim in the cool water takes away the weariness of the day and leaves you refreshed for the rest of the evening. However, before you enter the pool there needs to be basic cleaning of the pool; it is a necessary step to keep away from infections and diseases. Just Swim, swimming pool has sparkling clean water, which is hygienic. It is cleaned regularly with the latest equipment.

Cleanliness and Maintenance of pH level of Water

A clean pool with bubbly water where one can see the bottom of the pool clearly that looks so inviting to the eyes. In the summers when people regularly come in for swimming, it is extremely important that the debris and dried leaves lying in and around the pool should be carefully removed. The walls and the floor of the pool need to be brushed regularly so that there are no algae in and around the walls and the pH level of the water should be maintained to avoid any problems with skin and hair. The Just Swim pool is located in some of the best locations of Chennai and is widely used by people in and around the community. It is our effort to maintain the right hygiene of the pool to ensure the good health of children and adults coming to us.

Vacuuming the Pool

Another effective way of keeping the pool neat and clean is to vacuum the pool regularly. This helps to clear the debris which might have accumulated in the water. The vacuum can be effectively operated in an automatic or manual mode of operation. The number of times a pool needs to be vacuumed depends on the usage of the pool. Usually, pools used by many users are vacuumed at least twice a week, whereas a private pool is maintained once a week. Just Swim follows a routine of maintenance for each functional pool and completely takes care of the cleanliness before opening it for use.

Running a Pool Pump

A pool pump keeps the water in the pool lively and sparkling due to which it looks inviting to the eyes of people about to take a dive. A running pump does not allow the water to become stagnant. The water looks good, bubbly, and aerated to the eyes. The number of hours the pump is running completely depends on the usage of the pool and the gallons of water it holds. Just Swim is a professionally run institution with people on board who are experienced in handling the pool and with a team of professional swimmers who are pro in the art of teaching swimming to all age groups. Connect with them to enjoy the water and the pool in the summers of Chennai.


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JustSwim is a renowned label for swimming coaching for adults, Swimming coaching for kids, Swimming coaching for ladies and Swimming coaching for Toddlers. So if you are in search of a swimming training center in chennai – you are at the one stop destination. Our certified coaches train in different varieties of swimming - Butterfly , Free Style , Breast Stroke & Back stroke using Austswim techniques.

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