The world has today got segregated and closed within small households. People today have limited interaction and places for social engagement have become restricted. Water play is an old sport; it has been a place for men, women, and children for social engagement since time unknown. A dip in the pool or a neighborhood pond is not new. People usually used to go to these places along with their friends or family. Swimming in modern times is treated as a life skill that needs to be given to children and adults in a well-formatted manner. A formatted training can be provided only by a trainer who is skilled at his job and knows the trick to download to people of any age group.

Open Positions

5 Openings for Coaches - Incentives will be Provided

3 Openings for Life Guards - Incentives will be Provided

A Rewarding Career Option

Nearly all localities have a neighborhood pool. Children and adults of all age groups want to take a dip in the pool to cool their skin to get rid of the heat in Chennai. A swimming instructor is in great demand at all times. Mothers do not want their children to enter the pool unless and until there is a trained instructor to help and guide them. Being in the water is by itself a highly rewarding feeling in a place like Chennai. On top of it when you see people of different age groups getting independent by learning the life skill of swimming it provides huge satisfaction to the trainer. People get the confidence to handle them in water as they go about on land. Just Swim offers a brilliant career for those skilled at the art and willing to spend time with people and children trying to wade through water.

A Great Motivator

Any teacher has to be a great motivator before he downloads his skill to different people or children. People are usually scared of entering a pool. As the age group rises the fear is more severely instilled inside individuals. The job of a swimming coach is challenging but fun-filled. The instructor has loads of fun with people while at work. Children are hugely attracted to water and it is fun to teach them. The instructor usually is having fun while swimming like a fish from one end of the pool to the other. Just Swim offers such talented and passionate young blood a job which gives them an earning to look after their dream

Flexible Work Schedule

A swimming instructor can choose a work schedule according to his choice. It can be a particular number of fixed hours in a day. You can be a swimming instructor and still be able to handle other commitments in life. You necessarily do not have to rotate yourself on a fixed schedule from morning to evening. There are many other things of your passion that you can take care of along with a regular job of your choice. Just Swim is the Beautiful place for you if you are looking for independent timings and take up your passion as a job.

Overloaded With Excitement

Every day is loaded with newness and excitement. On an everyday basis, you meet new people with new challenges. It is fun seeing them overcome their challenges and adapt to new surroundings, keeping pace with their breathing pattern, and wading around having fun. This life skill is so important in life. The kind of confidence it inspires is so much fun to see. Especially children the amount of fun they have with an instructor has known no boundaries. It is this laughter and fun one has while being in water that makes this job so attractive. To know more about Just Swim career options contact us.

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